Surrounding yourself with beautiful memories

I must admit I never had but a couple of photo frames around the house. I was more of a photo album kind, I either delighted or tortured my friends with memories because to me they often felt like past lives.

Throughout the years I have unintendedly built a ridiculously big collection of pictures from every place (and era) that I have been to.Some of them, from when technology equated to toaster, are stored in a box or two. The remaining (million) are silicon guarded.

In time I’ve started to love having a few special pictures always at hand for a rainy day. They remind me of places that as a family we’ve had the privilege to see, moments we’ve lived together and special events that changed our lives. We also like to remember those who are away though always in our hearts.

Surround yourself with beautiful memories and frame them beautifully. And share the love with a gift that is a window into the memories you love. These photo frames have been selected for you to bring positive, elegant playfulness into your home.