About Us

About Us 2017-04-27T10:20:30+00:00

Nice to meet you!

Here at Casa Tweaks we spent many years in the corporate world before realising that our passion lay somewhere else. It hasn’t been a straightforward ride getting here, where we can finally put these objects that we love on the windowsill of our Casa. Maybe have a look if you’re curious and tell us what you think.

What objects do we love? Objects that look like no other, either because they are handmade or come from small workshops and have little or no presence on the high street. They are beautiful because their design and making are clever and honest. We have personally used them daily, moved them from one house to the next and our families have grown knowing them. They have turned houses into homes and they come from countries that we have lived in.

We are building this home a bit at a time and though we just got started, stay for a little bit and make yourself comfortable. Our Casa is yours too.